Phoenix4all Exercise Class




Carers' Resources

  • Asian Parents or Carers looking after people with Learning Disabilities 
  • If you would like advice or information about Dudley Council’s Carers support Network for people with Learning Disabilities 
  • Carers Assessments and entitlement 
  • Carers support networks and groups

Community Fitness  With Olivia Farmer  Lye Community Centre


  • To provide services to enhance the quality of life and create opportunity's for people who have learning disabilities
  • To provide an environment where adults with disabilities can achieve their full potential free from any kind of discrimination and deprivation.
  • To  provide support to enable individuals to become full and valued members of their local community
  • To help people who present challenging behaviour patterns and who may also have mental health needs.
  • To provide opportunities for people to help the more vulnerable members of society either through volunteering or donations.
  • To provide more and better support for the carers in Lye and Wollescote.